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Managed Ethernet Switch PMC

The MPR-ES-1 is a rugged PMC Switch/NIC for Gigabit Ethernet.

Rugged Avionics Interface Card

Mx5 Series databus interface cards for PMC and XMC feature high channel counts and single- or multi-protocol models.

Rugged Embedded Computer

Compact AB2000 conduction-cooled computers feature a variety of I/O, built-in avionics databus interfaces, and PMC expansion.

The Flexible AB2000 and AB3000 Families

AB Personalities

Some things can take on different personalities depending on the requirements of the environment. The AB2000 or AB3000 is such an animal. Through their many personalities, they provide the solution to countless problems.

The AB2000 is a family of rugged, conduction-cooled, COTS devices that combine a powerful computer processor, multi-protocol databus interfaces, Ethernet, USB, other I/O, and PMC expansion in a small, lightweight package.

The AB3000 is similar to the AB2000. Among the differences is an Intel processor with the ability to handle video and audio in addition to all of the other I/O.

AB2000 and AB3000 Personalities

Individual personalities arise from various combinations of hardware resources and software programming. The AB2000 and AB3000 families includes models with different protocols, channel counts, and enhancements. Tools and easy-to-follow examples enable users to develop software for their unique requirements. Alternatively, Ballard offers a growing number of pre-configured, off-the-shelf solutions that do not require user programming.

Here are just a few possible personalities:

Embedded Computer
The primary personality of the device is that of rugged multipurpose embedded computer with a variety of specialized avionics and general purpose input and output resources. It has the flexibility and capability to execute software programs, process and record information, and control and interact with internal and external devices. The other personalities are specialized implementations of the AB2000 or AB3000.
Ethernet Switch
Ethernet switches are a common requirement for both avionics and ground system platforms. Ethernet switch functionality is available in a stand-alone AB2000 solution or in combination with other AB2000 personalities. Ballard's AB2000 Ethernet switch is a rugged and powerful managed switch with one internal port connected to the AB2000 processor and 9 external ports.
Aircraft Interface Device
An aircraft interface device (AID) is a general term for an apparatus that makes incompatible equipment and systems work together. An interface device solves integration problems by interpreting, converting, and/or combining input signals and then outputting signals in the required form. The small size and light weight of the AB2000/AB3000 make them especially suited as aircraft interface devices.
Protocol Converter
Sometimes equipment and systems need data that is available in the wrong protocol or data format. When used as a protocol converter, the AB2000 or AB3000 can receive data in one form, do the required processing and conversion, and output the data in the needed form. This can be as simple as shifting bits around in the same protocol, to combining data from multiple inputs, or converting data from one protocol to another.
Data Recorder
Recorded data is useful for later analysis of flight and mission data, and in support of performance tracking and maintenance systems. The unit can monitor, record, and timetag data from the avionics databuses and other I/O. Data may be recorded to internal memory, removable external memory, or streamed over USB or Ethernet to an external memory device. Contact us for information on available memory and off-the-shelf data recorders.
Power Management Unit
An AB2000 or AB3000 application can perform intelligent power control and sequencing and/or receive such commands from a central processor over a databus or Ethernet. With a collection of avionics discretes, databuses, serial interfaces, and other I/O, the device makes an excellent end-point relay controller.
Radio/Satcom Interface
Radio and satellite communication units incorporate audio, video, discrete I/O, serial and databus interfaces, and each traditionally has a dedicated control head. The AB3000 can function simultaneously as the radio control head interface, the media controller and the antenna controller for multiple systems. Such a design reduces complexity, saves significant weight, and provides an Ethernet interface to the intelligent control head(s).
Repeaters and isolators are simple forms of protocol converters; data from one or more databuses is retransmitted out on other databuses. Applications for repeaters and isolators include reducing long databus runs, isolating critical systems, and making minor protocol changes (such as speed, parity, etc.). Ballard Technology offers out-of-the-box repeater/isolators.
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