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USB Interface for MIL-STD-1553

These pocket-sized USB adapters are the easy and portable way to interface your computer to MIL-STD-1553 databuses.

Ethernet/USB Databus Interface

The OmniBusBox enables computers and networks to interface with multiple avionics databuses via Ethernet or USB.

PCMCIA Interface for MIL-STD-1553 Type II or Type III Case

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PCMCIA Interface for MIL-STD-1553 Type II or Type III Case
  • Single/multiple MIL-STD-1553 terminals
  • Concurrent Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, and Monitor
  • Extensive monitoring capability
  • Error injection
  • Programmable 32 bit time-stamp
  • API and driver software included
  • Type II and Type III available
  • 256K memory
  • CoPilotŪ 1553 databus analyzer software available
  • Compatible with MIL-STD-1553B
  • PCMCIA advantages: Notebook PC portability, widely supported, easy installation

Legacy Product

This is a legacy product and should not be specified for new programs. For replacements of this product and for all new applications please consider the "Possible Replacements" at left, or browse our other products.


The CM1553-3 is a family of PCMCIA cards for interfacing to MIL-STD-1553 databuses. It provides features and flexibility previously found only on large format expansion cards. This family of eight cards allows a desktop or notebook computer to serve as a Bus Controller, Remote Terminal or Monitor for testing, simulation and development of MIL-STD-1553 avionics systems. The combination of features and upgrade paths make the CM1553-3 an ideal solution for avionics development, test and maintenance activities.

The PCMCIA product family is available in a rugged milled-aluminum Type III case or a smaller Type II case.

Family of products

  • Choose functionality suited to immediate needs
  • Upgrade later as requirements change
  • Ongoing release of features and products
  • Select from several standard configurations and a variety of options
  • Can be customized for special needs
  • Exceptional value

All CM1553-3 models function on a dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 databus without host intervention. All models provide Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, and Monitor operation and support all 1553 message types. Advanced models can simultaneously operate as the BC, Monitor, and any number of RTs, and inject protocol errors selectively. The powerful DSP core of the PCMCIA card offloads 1553 protocol processing from the host PC. The large on-board memory and flexible message buffering schemes ensure data integrity. Polling and interrupt generation are simplified through a generous set of user options.

Levels of functionality

Features Models
A B4 B32 C
Number of Simultaneous Terminals 1 4 32 32
Monitor checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes)
Filtering for TA checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes)
Filtering for SA   checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes)
Concurrent with terminal
      checkmark.gif (72 bytes)
  Error Injection       checkmark.gif (72 bytes)
  Bundled Software checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes) checkmark.gif (72 bytes)


  • Bus Controller
    • On-board message frame timing
    • Transmission retries
    • Exception processing
  • Remote Terminal
    • Illegalize subaddress/mode codes
    • Interrupt on message or terminal access
  • Monitor
    • Snapshot or sequential
    • Filtering on terminal and/or SA
    • Independent or concurrent with BC/RT

Handles all 1553A/B messages types

  • Notice 2-selectable features

Message Buffering

  • single
  • ping-pong
  • circular list (transmit only)
  • FIFO list

Multi-terminal simulation

  • B, C models only

Error generation (C model only)

  • Types:
    • Sync
    • Parity
    • Manchester
    • Bit count
    • Word count
  • Inject into specific bits/words/messages



  • High-performance 256 KB interface


  • Software-configurable interrupt log list
  • Generated on user-specified conditions
    • Schedule
    • Errors
    • Specific messages


  • Automatic in all modes
  • 32-bit, selectable range/resolution

PCMCIA interface

  • Type II and III cards available
  • Plug and play (when installed in a plug-and-play operating system)


  • 3-foot cable with two Twinax PL75 connectors (mates with BJ77 for transformer coupling)
  • Optional connectors available for direct coupling

Temperature Grades

  • commercial (std)
  • extended temperature available


The easiest way to use the MIL-STD-1553 functionality of your CM1553-3 card is with CoPilot, Ballard's Windows-based software. CoPilot is an intuitive, interactive program that simplifies the testing and simulation of MIL-STD-1553 systems. In CoPilot, you can simulate the Bus Controller, up to 32 RTs, and monitor, record, and export bus activity. Data can be entered and displayed in engineering units and data definitions may be saved to the 1553 database. CoPilot features include virtual instruments, strip charts, moving map displays, scripting, and software playback mode. CoPilot also supports ARINC 429, ARINC 708, ARINC 664/AFDX® protocols, and serial. CoPilot may be purchased as part of an CM1553-3 system or separately.


Application Program Interface (API)

Alternatively, software developers can use the bundled Application Program Interface (API) that enables quick and easy development of custom applications. The CM1553-3 can be configured for simple terminal emulation using default memory mapping and buffering options with only a few API calls. Although most users will accomplish their tasks with a small number of API functions, the comprehensive library includes a broad range of tools for specialized needs. Driver software is included for Windows. Linux and drivers available.

Supported in many programming languages, including C/C++, C#, VB, VB.NET, and LabVIEW™

CM1553-3 Order Numbers

CM1553-3xTy: MIL-STD-1553 Interface Card (where x is A, B4, B32, or C, and y is 2 for Type II, or 3 for Type III). Includes interface card, API library, cable, and manual.

CoPilot Code

To include CoPilot add "CP-" before the order number.

Example: CP-CM1553-3CT2

  Datasheet CM1553-3 Datasheet 5/14/2010
X Product Manual CM1553-3 Manual 5/14/2010
X Driver 32-bit Windows Driver Installer 8/12/2015
X Driver 64-bit Windows Driver Installer 8/12/2015
X API - Drivers - Test Program CM1553-3 WIN32 7/30/2012
X Linux CM1553-3 Libraries for Linux 5/20/2015
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