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USB 429/717 Adapter

PCMCIA Interface for ARINC 429

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PCMCIA Interface for ARINC 429
CM429-1 type II and type III
  • Six channel (4R2T) version
  • Optional ARINC 717 receive channel available
  • Filters and sorts received words
  • Programmable autonomous transmission
  • Simultaneous monitor operation
  • API and driver software for Windows included
  • CoPilot® 429 databus analyzer software available
  • Powerful on-board processor
  • 32K x 16 memory

Legacy Product

This is a legacy product and should not be specified for new programs. For replacements of this product and for all new applications please consider the "Possible Replacements" at left, or browse our other products.

The CM429-1 is an ARINC 429 interface in a type II or rugged Type III PCMCIA card. It enables a desktop or notebook computer to communicate with six ARINC 429 buses simultaneously for testing, simulation and development of avionics systems. The CM429-1 is ideal for portable notebook computer applications.

The CM429-1 is controlled by a powerful on-board processor. After the host computer configures and activates it, the CM429-1 transmits and receives ARINC words autonomously, eliminating host overhead. All recorded data are automatically time-tagged and mapped into memory by label/SDI. The CM429-1 can simultaneously maintain a time-tagged history of bus activity in a sequential record. Filtering options reduce memory requirements and make the sequential record easier to analyze. Incoming ARINC 429 words may be filtered according to label, SDI, time interval or changes in data.

The CM429-1 comes with an Application Program Interface (API) which simplifies the development of ARINC 429 applications. CoPilot 429, a powerful graphical program, can be purchased separately or with an ARINC 429 card for additional savings. With this software, users can define and view ARINC 429 data in raw form, engineering units or as virtual controls and instruments. The concurrent monitor saves all or selected messages with time-tags for subsequent processing or analysis.

The CM429-1 is also available with a combination of ARINC 429 and ARINC 717 capability (see CM429-1/717).

CM429-1 Order Numbers

CM429-1/4R2T/Tz*Provides four receive channels and two transmit channels.
CM429-1/717/Tz*Provides two ARINC 429 receive channel, one ARINC 429 transmit channel, and one Harvard bi-phase receive channel for ARINC 717.

* When ordering, z will be either 2 or 3, i.e.: T2 for Type II or T3 for Type III

Includes a Type II or rugged Type III PCMCIA card, Windows® libraries and manual. Each of the four PCMCIA cards can also be purchased as part of a CoPilot 429 system. Call for availibility of drivers for other operating systems.

  Datasheet CM429-1 Datasheet 4/18/2005
X Product Manual CM429-1 Manual 9/12/2006
X Driver 32-bit Windows Driver Installer 8/12/2015
X Driver 64-bit Windows Driver Installer 8/12/2015
X API - Drivers - Test Program CM429-1 WIN32 7/30/2012
X API - Drivers - Test Program CM429-1 DOS 7/16/1998
X Examples Williamsburg Library and Examples 3/3/2010
X Linux CM429-1 Libraries for Linux 5/20/2015
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