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ARINC 717 Test Set

This portable USB-powered test set enables a Windows computer to display ARINC 717/573 data from a Digital Flight Data Recorder.

Ethernet/USB Databus Interface

The OmniBusBox enables computers and networks to interface with multiple avionics databuses via Ethernet or USB.

USB Interface for ARINC 429/717

These pocket-sized USB adapters are the easy and portable way to interface your computer to ARINC 429 and 717 databuses.

Handheld Tester for ARINC 717 / ARINC 573

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Handheld Tester for ARINC 717 / ARINC 573
  • Receives and displays ARINC 573 and 717 data
  • Three channels: Harvard biphase (2) and bipolar (1)
  • Selectable word, subframe, and superframe
  • Displays data in multiple radices
  • Shows bus speed and position status
  • Auto speed and sync detection
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Uses aircraft or commercial power

Obsolete Product

This is an obsolete product and is no longer available for sale. For replacements of this product and for all new applications please consider the "Possible Replacements" at left, or browse our other products.

HT717-1 Handheld Tester

The HT717-1 is a convenient easy-to-use tool for test and maintenance of aircraft systems that are tied to the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR). It is a self contained handheld tester that displays the user specified data received from a Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU) or DFDR output databus.

In an aircraft the DFDAU samples, conditions, and digitizes or reformats the analog and digital signals representing flight data. This data passes from the DFDAU to the DFDR and back on special ARINC 573 or 717 Harvard biphase encoded serial databuses. The HT717-1 provides access to the flight data by reading these Harvard biphase databuses or the bipolar auxiliary output for a Quick Access Recorder (QAR).


When connected to an ARINC 573 or 717 databus, the HT717-1 automatically senses and adjusts to the bit rate. It then synchronizes to the sync words in the serial data stream. Status is continuously reported including the bus speed, state of the sync, and current subframe and superframe. To display a particular flight data parameter the operator specifies the word by entering the desired word number, subframe, and superframe. The display is updated each time the specified word is received. Subframes and superframes may be specified uniquely or as odd, even, or all.

Menu Selections

Several menus provide added versatility by allowing the operator to select the following operational and display features. ARINC 573/717 words are 12 bits long and are displayed in binary and simultaneously in either octal, hexadecimal or decimal. To provide for non-standard and older 573 equipment, reversed and non-standard sync values and reversed data display may be selected. Since superframes are not defined in the standard, the superframe location may be specified in a menu.

The Downloads section contains data sheets with complete information for the HT717-1 product.

HT717-1 Order Numbers

HT717-1/xx: ARINC 717 Handheld Tester (where "xx" is either "01" or "02" as specified below). Includes tester and manual. Order cables separately.

  • 01 - Factory default.
  • 02 - Boeing standard for 737, 757 and 767.


Power and signals feed the HT717-1 through a single aircraft style connector. Cables for different aircraft configurations may be purchased separately from Ballard Technology.

The following cables are available:

  • 16020: Laboratory cable for HT717-1. USA standard power cord and D-subminiature signal connector.
  • 16021: Boeing 767 cable for HT717-1. Connects to the Flight Data Recorder System Test Plug. Uses aircraft power. Length - 12 feet.
  Datasheet HT717-1 Datasheet 4/18/2005
X Product Manual HT717-1 Manual 5/14/2010
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Handheld tester laboratory cable

Handheld tester aircraft cable for Boeing 737, 757, and 767

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