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OmniBus PCI/cPCI

Compact PCI Interface for ARINC 429

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CompactPCI Interface for ARINC 429
  • Up to eight ARINC channels
  • For rugged industrial applications
  • Auto speed detection on receive channels
  • Error injection and detection
  • Extensive monitoring capability
  • CoPilot® 429 databus analyzer software available
  • Easy Plug-and-Play CompactPCI interface
  • Upgrade later as requirements change
  • Exceptional value
  • Optional ARINC 717 Flight Data Recorder interface

Legacy Product

This is a legacy product and should not be specified for new programs. For replacements of this product and for all new applications please consider the "Possible Replacements" at left, or browse our other products.


The LC429-3 is a flexible, powerful ARINC 429 avionics databus interface board for the development and maintenance of commercial avionics. Installed in a CompactPCI computer, users can transmit and receive messages on up to eight databuses. This ARINC 429 cPCI board is available in nine combinations of transmit and receive channels and units can be upgraded at any time to meet changing requirements. The advanced features, ease-of-use and upgrade paths make the LC429-3 an ideal solution for ARINC 429 hardware and system development, testing, and simulation.

The powerful graphical interface program called CoPilot 429 is available separately or bundled as part of a CoPilot 429 System. No programming is required to use CoPilot 429. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can send and receive messages, handle data in engineering units and view a sequential record. With third party ActiveX controls; dials, gauges, strip-charts and other virtual instruments can be implemented.

These same features and channel combinations are available in the LP429-3 (PCI) family of products. A special version of this card (LC429-3/717) is available which supports concurrent access to an ARINC 429 and ARINC 717 databus.

Available Configurations

LC429-3/xRyT: ARINC 429 Interface Card (where x is the number of receive channels and y is the number of transmit channels).  The nine standard combinations are as follows:

Total Channels xRyT Combinations
2 1R1T
4 4R0T,  2R2T,  0R4T
8 8R0T,  6R2T,  4R4T,   2R6T,  0R8T

Includes circuit board, Windows® libraries and manual. Each of the nine cPCI ARINC 429 boards can also be purchased as part of a CoPilot 429 system. Linux drivers are available.

cPCI systemARINC 429, ARINC 708, ARINC 717, and MIL-STD-1553 cards are also available through Ballard Technology as part of an integrated cPCI system. Every CompactPCI system is uniquely configured to meet the requirements of the customer and is tested and certified for immediate use. CoPilot software support is available.

Call Ballard Technology for details on single or multi-protocol cPCI systems.

  Datasheet LC429-3 Datasheet 5/14/2010
X Product Manual LC429-3 Manual 5/14/2010
X Driver 32-bit Windows Driver Installer 8/12/2015
X Driver 64-bit Windows Driver Installer 8/12/2015
X API - Drivers - Test Program LC429-3 WIN32 7/30/2012
X Examples Williamsburg Library and Examples 3/3/2010
X Linux Lx429-3 Libraries for Linux 5/20/2015
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