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Ethernet/USB Databus Interface

The OmniBusBox enables computers and networks to interface with multiple avionics databuses via Ethernet or USB.

USB Interface for ARINC 708

These pocket-sized USB adapters easily interface your computer to ARINC 708 and similar weather radar display databuses.

ActiveX Weather Radar Control

ActiveX Weather Radar Control
ActiveX Weather Radar Control

Key Features

  • Configure the grid, colors, fonts, and other properties to optimize the display
  • Specify the scan range--even increase it to 360 degrees!
  • Customize the display of fault indicator lights
  • Adjustable refresh rate accommodates the processing power of the host computer
  • Much more...

ActiveX Weather Radar Control

Contact us about our ActiveX Weather Radar Control. This program building block decodes the ARINC 708 message data and presents it in a highly customizable graphical display.




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