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Multi-Protocol products are capable of concurrently hosting more than one avionics protocol on a single product.

PC/ISA interface to Space Shuttle (MIA) bus with Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, and Monitor capabilities.

PC/ISA interface to MDM databus. The MDM databus provides serial communications between a Space Shuttle Payload General Support Computer and various subsystems.

Older products are classified as legacy if they are still in limited production. Most legacy products have a more modern alternative and should be not be designed into or used on new programs. Legacy products are subject to parts obsolescence and may become unavailable with little or no notice. Legacy products have a limited one year warranty.

Products are classified as obsolete when they are no longer in production either because there is no longer a demand for them or because parts to produce them are no longer available. Obsolete products should not be designed into or used on new programs. A limited number of new or refurbished obsolete products are sometimes available. Obsolete products have a limited 90 day warranty.

Questions on Space Shuttle Interfaces?

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